A Durable and Affordable Display Solution for Your Artwork.

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Plaque Mounting is an innovative and modern solution to displaying your favourite posters, prints, photographs, certificates or artwork. Plaque mounting, also known as Plak mounting, or Block mounting is an inexpensive yet extremely durable way to protect and hang your artwork.

   Plaque mounting involves mounting your print onto a custom piece of high-density pressed wood, which is then permanently sealed with a clear vinyl matte UV-blocking laminate. The edges of the plaque are then beveled and coloured, giving your artwork a sleek, frameless appearance. 

 The benefits of plaque mounting are numerous. There is no need for framing, and there is no glass to break or produce a glare. Your print will be protected against moisture, UV light, smudges and scratches. The 3/8" wood fiber backing is extremely durable and perfect for displaying larger images such as maps. It is also safe for children and easy to clean, making it an ideal option for busy households or high traffic areas.
 One of the best things about plaque mounting is its affordability. Out of the various display options that we offer, plaque mounting is the least expensive.

  Our plaques are coated with a Non Glare UV laminate, ensuring that every detail in your image is viewable with clarity. We offer three edge colours to choose from: black, white, or gold, allowing you to customize your plaque to suit your decor. A keyhole is precisely milled into the back of each mounting, so that you can easily hang your art flush and level on any wall in less than a minute.

 Plaque mounting is a great option for large images or pieces in high traffic areas. It is a durable, picture framing display alternative that allows your image to stand out on its own. If you're looking for an innovative and modern way to display your artwork, plaque mounting is the perfect solution. Order now and experience the quality and affordability of our plaque mounts.

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