Cornwall Framing and Display Flyer

Cornwall Ontario, meet Framing & Display

At Cornwall Framing and Display, we're passionate about blending the traditional and the digital. Our recent marketing experiment began with simple flyers introducing our picture frame and display services. We strategically placed these flyers on community bulletin boards across Cornwall, recognizing their significance in connecting businesses with the local community.

A snapshot of this traditional approach was captured when we photographed one of our flyers proudly displayed on a local cork board. This simple moment became the bridge to our digital presence as we shared it as our inaugural post on Instagram. The convergence of the physical and digital worlds was seamless, underscoring our commitment to staying connected with the local community.

As we revisit this snapshot, it serves as a powerful reminder of our dedication to innovation. Whether you choose to upload your images online or opt for our free pick-up and delivery service in the surrounding areas, Cornwall Framing and Display is here to turn your memories into timeless art.

This photo isn't just a moment frozen in time on a cork board; it's a representation of our commitment to providing top-notch framing and display services in Cornwall. Stay tuned as we continue this journey of blending old world craftsmanship with modern technology, offering you a seamless experience in preserving and showcasing your cherished memories. Cornwall Framing and Display is where tradition meets innovation, and your stories and memories find a beautiful frame.
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