The world's best jersey display case!

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Frame lifts off of display case!

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"We build quality jersey cases that have features and options that are important to collectors.  Priced at only $395 so that we make all sports fans cheer. "

Includes free local delivery from your area Framing & Display store.

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Why choose our jersey frame?

Why do we consider this to be the world's best jersey display case? It's a combination of three things.
 1) Canadian made from quality materials. Constructed from Basswood and Ash our jersey frame is built to last.
 2) Modern Design. With the end user in mind we combined the best options with aesthetics.
 3) Free Local Delivery from any of our stores....Ok, maybe this doesn't make it the world's best, but it's a nice feature if you live near us :o)

Easy & Secure Hanging System

WallBuddies™ Self Leveling, Corner Hanging System for Larger Wood Picture Frames. Sawtooth hanger design allows for easy leveling. Frames will hang flush to the wall and remain level. Adds strength to frame corners, and there is no wire which could potentially break an damage your frame and it's contents.

Strong Steel Hanger.

Once again we designed our case with 'quality first' in mind. No plastic to break; our wide steel hanger is made to spread the jersey out and display it in it's full glory.

All of our Hardware is Hidden.

Unlike most display cases that open using hinging hardware that is exposed, with our (The World's Best) jersey display frame, all of the hardware is hidden for an esthetically pleasing finished product.

Easy Access to Collectibles.

With our removable front frame you can easily access your jersey and collectibles for any reason whatsoever.

The display case measures 32" wide by 40" in height by 3" deep (81.28cm x 101.7cm x 7.62cm) and the front frame measures 34" wide by 42" in height by 3/4" (86.36cm x 106.68 cm x 1.905 cm)

Free Pick Up & Delivery available from all Framing & Display locations.